Tell us your New Resources Consulting story.

Recruited my senior year of college, it was the potential opportunities for my career that made me join NRC. When I first started, I was a Microsoft Developer working to create, optimize, and streamline custom Visual Basic applications. In 2000, I left NRC to join another consulting firm doing custom web development. I transitioned to PeopleSoft development shortly after joining them and quickly made that my career focus. In 2006, the company where I worked was absorbed by a global consulting organization and that was the catalyst for me to look for employment again. I didn’t have to look far; I joined NRC’s PeopleSoft/Oracle practice as a Technical Lead.

Since re-joining NRC, I have held roles as the PeopleSoft Technical lead, the Director of PeopleSoft Technologies, and the VP of Enterprise Technologies. I am currently serving in the role as the Practice Lead for the Enterprise Solutions Group. Moving up through each of these roles has provided me greater opportunities and increased my responsibilities in the organization.

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of working for NRC is that my job is never the same. I often joke that one of the main reasons I never have the desire to change jobs is because part of my job is just that—I am frequently changing jobs. I could be helping a client assess the current state of their systems and work to create a strategy one day, then jumping in to assist on a production down issue the next. Also, the rate of technological change we see in this field absolutely amazes me.

What work/project are you most proud of?

I don’t have a specific project in mind for this one, but more so a type of project. I am most proud of the projects/work that I successfully complete that are a bit outside of my comfort zone. I believe these are the types of projects that really allow a person to expand and improve their skills.

What’s different about New Resources Consulting from other companies?

While I have not worked for many other companies, my job as a consultant has provided me the opportunity to see many other companies through a different lens. From a consulting firm perspective, NRC is sized perfectly. We are small enough to be able to quickly react to changes, but not so large that you just become a number.

What qualities do people need to be successful at NRC?

Flexibility is key. As I think back to my role when I first started through present day and consider all of the different responsibilities I have had, one principle stands out—being flexible has helped me to be successful. I have never looked at this as being a job that has a very rigid job description. Instead, NRC affords employees the ability to be provided opportunities and try new things on a regular basis.

Any advice for someone who is considering working at NRC?

Look at what our employees say. We have been recognized as a top workplace numerous times. We also have many employees who are referred to as “boomerangs”—those who have left the company to go elsewhere and ultimately have returned to working at NRC.

How has NRC supported your career development?

NRC has provided numerous opportunities for me over the years that I have worked here. I have had the opportunity to attend and, in many cases, present at many of the Oracle/PeopleSoft Conferences, usually 2 per year on average. I have been able to attend numerous internal training classes, including PMP preparation courses. Additionally, we have a solid amount of vendor provided training available to us.

Outside of work what can you be found doing? 

When I am outside of work, you can find me doing something outdoors. Every year we take a 7-day family camping trip to one of Wisconsin’s State Parks; now that our kids are becoming teenagers, we are hoping to expand to some National and/or historic parks. Also, both of my kids are involved in Scouting programs, and I try to help out there, as well.

What is your “unique?”

When I was younger, I was very reserved and conservative. I think it goes without saying that can be a very boring way to live. Now I am the type of person who will try just about anything. This has greatly expanded my palate and has given me some pretty amazing life experiences.