Tell us your New Resources Consulting story. 

Five years ago, I was looking for a job in IT. I had gone back to school to get a degree in IT and Programming after initially graduating from UWM with a degree in Molecular Biology. I was able to join NRC while completing my IT degree.

I was initially hired as a junior technical consultant for a PeopleSoft Developer position for one of our large healthcare clients. Having no prior direct exposure with PeopleSoft, I used my background in different programming languages to quickly learn the product. I now support multiple clients nationwide as a PeopleSoft Developer and Oracle Cloud HR Reporting Specialist.

What additional opportunities have you been given at New Resources Consulting?

At the time I was hired, NRC was growing and had opened a Winston-Salem, NC office. Relocating to the North Carolina office, I expanded my role to serve as the office IT Administrator, setting up and troubleshooting the office network; creating, modifying, and terminating user accounts and product licenses; and other similar tasks. This role gives me the opportunity to share my passion for keeping up with new technology trends and relaying this knowledge to others.

What is your favorite part(s) about your job?

I enjoy helping people solve their issues and being challenged with learning new skills and products. Additionally, the work atmosphere is great—my co-workers are like family to me!

What work/project are you most proud of?

We had a client who needed Oracle Cloud reports developed.  While I did not have prior experience doing this, I was able to quickly learn the system and deliver all the requested reports to the customer’s great satisfaction.

What’s different about New Resources Consulting from other companies?

NRC takes the time and care to assess exactly what the business/client wants, so we can deliver their requests in the swiftest and most cost-effective way possible.

What qualities do people need to be successful at NRC?

The ability to adapt to the work.  Also, our most successful employees understand that respect is a reciprocal process: if you respect others, they will respect you (which has always been my work and personal philosophy).

Any advice for someone who is considering working at NRC?

Come in with the hunger and drive to learn new things.

How has NRC supported your career development?

NRC has placed me with clients where I can be exposed to new technologies and processes so I can develop my skills and expand my knowledge. They have also given me the opportunity to obtain industry certifications, such as my Oracle Cloud certificates.

Outside of work what can you be found doing?

I enjoy traveling, playing guitar, watching soccer (favorite club: Chelsea F.C.). and relaxing at home with my wife.

What is your “unique?”

I am an avid photographer.