Written by Kathy Donnelly

A structured Managed Services team provides significant differences between a standard Outsourcing or Help Desk approach.

Outsourcing services typically include a team who only know the delivered software and may not know (or care) about your business challenges. They have technical resources who provide development, debugging tools and system administration, but do not support any customizations and will typically want to maintain total control of the software system.

The Help Desk approach is a pure ticketing method to your issues and request. Your ticket goes to the next available person – someone who may or may not know your business. This person will do no more than the ticket states before throwing it back to you. All communication will be via the ticket system; with little to no attempt to better understand the issue and assist you to develop a solution. This approach may require additional work by you or your team to define detailed specifications for developers to create the ultimate solution.

Managed Services teams, however, serve as your technology partner, providing business analysts and technical developers who work together with your team to give you a tailored solution. They work remotely, which allows quicker response time without waiting for someone to physically get to your location. They can augment your staff if you need expertise for projects such as upgrades, production issues, addition of new functionality / interfaces, etc. or just an expert to call on when assistance is needed.

Managed Service teams have demonstrated greater benefits than an Outsourcing or a Help Desk approach. They provide solutions that specifically meet your business requirements and technology needs. They do not replace your staff; they work as a partner to extend your workforce.

As IT budgets tighten, it’s even harder for businesses of any and all sizes to manage IT resources and respond quickly and appropriately to change. As an extension of your current support team, our Managed Services team allows you to leverage our expertise so that you’re able to focus on strategic business systems by maximizing the use of your resources.